About the Foundation


The Douglas Raucci Forget-Me-Not Foundation was started in memory of a truly amazing boy. Douglas Raucci  was born with Down Syndrome on November 20, 1985. By the age of 6 years old, Douglas had already had two open-heart surgeries. Throughout his entire life he was told that he had a weak heart, I know all of us who knew him would disagree with his cardiologist from CHOP, becasue Douglas had the biggest and the strongest heart EVER.    
A life-long resident of Wildwood Crest, Doug was an extraordinary student of The Cape May County Special Services School District since infancy, where he was dubbed "The Mayor". Easily recognized by his bright red hair (a family trait), Doug was a self-proclaimed Yahtzee King, Full House fan and accomplished singer and dancer. Doug's ability to entertain the never-ending trail of visitors who roamed freely in and out of the Raucci household was astounding. His love of music, conversation and a good joke made Doug a virtual magnet.
From Crest Memorial School activities to Higbee Field, Doug was a true icon. It was a standard sight to see Doug surrounded by a myriad of team uniforms. Baseball and softball players, basketball players and cheerleaders clamored to "high five" Doug and get the thumbs up for a "good game", whatever the score. Doug's winning spirit preserved, inspiring children to tackle life's challenges and reminded parents to savor the simple joys in life; as basic as watching children play a game. The great unifier, Doug was the common thread that ran through all of us. His love and contagious joy permeated so many circles throughout Cape May County and beyond.
The Douglas Raucci Forget-Me-Not Foundation is named after the place Doug spent his happiest days...which was all of them, sick or healthy! Birthdays, yahtzee tournaments, pizza nights, marvelous Yankee moments, Full house marathons, and karaoke parties...it all happened on Forget-Me-Not Road. And how fitting...will we ever forget him? Absolutely not.
The foundation was started by David, Joanne, Melissa, Mandy, and Kyle Raucci. Douglas was such a big part of this amazing community, and while our goal is to raise money for the area schools, we would also love for everyone to gather together socially since there was nothing that Doug loved more than being surrounded by all of the incredible people in his life. If we can touch a life and continue to make people feel the way Doug made each of us feel, then we will be a successful organization. Our ultimate goal is to raise money through various events and fundraisers throughout the years for numerous scholarships for our area schools, while keeping Doug's spirit and his love of life alive.  
We are very excited to be hosting the 8th annual  Buddy Walk in honor of Douglas on April 18, 2015. In addition to us raising money for our foundation, a portion of the proceeds will go to the National Down Syndrome Society. We encourage everyone to come out, walk with us, support this wonderful cause, and most importantly share all of the amazing memories and stories we have of our magnificent boy DOUG.         
It's STILL All About Doug!